Saudi Arabia Lingerie

Gone are the days when felt shy and embarrassed about purchasing lingerie for them from shopping malls and stores. Today, women wish to look best and feel best, even if it is something which is very personal and intimate like lingerie buying. If you are staying in Saudi Arabia, you […]

Shopping in Saudi Arabia

Shopping is always a fun activity whether alone or with company. In Saudi Arabia, shopping is considered one of their major leisure activities. Malls in Saudi offer different brand names from high-end to very affordable ones. One of the most popular malls in Saudi Arabia is the Al-Rashid mall, which […]

Play Golf in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country that offers a lot of things to visitors and to it’s citizens alike. One of the main attraction of Saudi Arabia in terms of leisure activities are it’s wide array of places to play Golf. Golf is also a popular sport in Saudi Arabia and […]

Nightlife in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is rich in culture, tradition and religion. However, if you are looking for some nightlife in Saudi, it is even considerate to say that nightlife is very scarce or there is none at all. Saudi Arabia is a constrained state and their nightlife is different from other countries. […]

Recreation in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has been a travel destination for years. People visit the Arab country not only for religious pilgrimage but also of its beautiful sceneries. Aside from its historical wonders, Saudi Arabia offers a variety of recreational activities that tourist and locals can choose from. Among the hundred parks in […]

Saudi Arabia’s History

Looking back at the early civilizations of Saudi Arabia, the kingdom’s culture was formed and evolved from the time of the 1st millennium when Mineans built its kingdom in the southwestern Arabia. Their economy was based on nomadic lifestyles and incense was used as their means of exchange or trade. […]

Saudi Arabia Local Food and Drinks

The life of the people in Saudi Arabia revolves around the religion of Islam.  It is the reason why they have two holiest sites in the country, the Mecca and Medina, as they have a public practice of praying five times a day, daily. The law and culture of Saudi […]